Electronic consultant level Advice & Guidance can be obtained from GHNHSFT using the NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose & Book), within the following specialties:

Breast Surgery












Endocrinology (inc. lipid advice)

Microbiology (3 month pilot)


Vascular Surgery



Pain Management


​Advice and Guidance (A&G) allows one clinician to seek advice from another. Unlike creating a booking request, where a number of providers can be selected, Advice and Guidance is a communication between two clinicians: the “requesting” clinician and the provider of a service (the “responding” clinician).

The reasons why a clinician may wish to seek Advice and Guidance include:

  • Asking another clinician/specialist for their advice on a treatment plan and/or the ongoing management of a patient
  • Asking for clarification (or advice) regarding a patient’s test results
  • Seeking advice on the appropriateness of a referral for their patient (e.g. whether to refer, or what the most appropriate alternative care pathway might be)
  • Identifying the most clinically appropriate service to refer a patient into (and how to find that service – e.g. what clinical term to search on).

The requester is able to attach documents to the advice request, which may include diagnostic results, scanned images (e.g. ECGs) or previous correspondence related to the patient. The responder is then able to review the request (along with any attachments that may have been added) and, if required, add attachments, such as a proposed treatment plan or links to external documents and websites, before sending a response back to the requester.

Your Advice and Guidance requests will be read and responded to by the relevant Consultant and you should receive a response within 2 working days.

Gloucestershire GPs are one of the highest users of eRS Advice and Guidance (A&G) in the country, and local clinicians were therefore recently asked to take part in a national survey on the use of A&G. NHSx have now published the results of the survey and their report is available here for information.

Please follow the link below to the 'Managing Advice and Guidance Requests: A tool to support referral management' guidance published November 2018.