Mental Health Referral Guidance

Recent reviews of serious incidents have identified potential system and process changes which could improve the quality and responsiveness of care for people who require secondary care mental health services.

It would be helpful if GPs could please share any information in relation to substance misuse with 2gt, particularly when a patient is injecting, as this aids clinical risk assessment and management. It is also really helpful if referrals into mental health services contain an appropriate risk assessment.

In all instances when a patient dies unexpectedly, especially if the cause of death is suspected suicide, GPs should inform 2gt as soon as possible. This will allow 2gt to quickly put in place support for those bereaved and minimise the risk of appointment letters etc. being sent to the deceased.

Contact: (Assistant Director of Governance & Compliance, 2gt)

Prevention of deaths by self harm - 2gether

Please follow the resource link below to the South of England Improving Safety in Mental Health Collaborative Prevention of Deaths by Self Harm Driver Diagram and Change Package.

Self Harm - signs and symptoms

Self-harm is when somebody damages or injures their body on purpose.

Self-harm is not usually an attempt at committing suicide, but a way of expressing deep emotional feelings, such as low self-esteem. It is also a way to cope with traumatic events or situations, such as the death of a loved one, or an abusive relationship. Self-harm is not an illness, it is an expression of personal distress.

2gether- A Guide to Suicide Risk Assessment and Management in Primary Care can be found here.