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Electronic consultant level Advice & Guidance can be obtained from GHNHSFT using the NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose & Book) within a range of specialties. Please view the resource for further information.

Core Physiotherapy Services

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Physiotherapy – Cheltenham and Gloucester (Lower Limb) (GHNHSFT)

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provide Physiotherapy services in Cheltenham and Gloucester for:

  • shoulder
  • hand/wrist
  • elbow
  • spine
  • hip
  • knee

The main entry point is via Core services, accessed via the below online self-referral forms, (click, here, for printable links) which the patient can complete themselves if able and willing.

Click the images below for printable self-management posters and business cards with links.

                                             Cheltenham                                           Gloucester                                                   Business Cards


Physiotherapy - Other Localities (Lower Limb) (GHC)

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT provide Core Physiotherapy services in the following localities;

Forest of Dean, Newent and Staunton, North Cotswolds, South Cotswolds, Stroud and Berkeley Vale and Tewkesbury for;

  • shoulder
  • hand/wrist
  • elbow
  • spine
  • hip
  • knee

Physiotherapy Services can be accessed via the online self-referral form (click, here, for printable link) which the patient can complete themselves if able and willing.

To refer a patient to this service, please email your referral document to

MSK Specialist Triage (APS and Orthopaedics) - Adults only

Access to an Orthopaedic opinion for any adult lower limb problems is through the MSK Specialist Triage (APS and Orthopaedics) - Adults only. GHNHSFT triage patients within the Gloucester and Cheltenham localities, and GCS triage the five other localities. The two organisations are working closely together to ensure consistency and standardisation of approach.

Direct referral to Orthopaedics for children remains as it currently is.

Triage of adult elective care referrals is an NHS England mandated change that is fully supported by Gloucestershire’s lead orthopaedic consultants.

All MSKAPS and Orthopaedic referrals should be made to 'MSK Specialist Triage' on eRS. This is the only way of accessing Orthopaedics for patients registered with a Gloucestershire GP.

As part of the agreed, countywide strategy, all referrals must be made via e-RS (electronic Referral system).  More information on paper referral switch off can be found, here.

The effectiveness and accuracy of triage depends on the quality of information given by the referrer. The MSK referral form outlines the information required by Specialist Triage and by Secondary Care to decide how to manage a patient appropriately. The MSK referral form has been formatted to auto-populate patient’s data (name, date of birth, etc.)  in all clinical systems, saving administrative time.

Direct refer to the MSK Specialist Triage (APS and Orthopaedics) using the MSK Referral form where:

  • there is diagnostic uncertainty or
  • there is uncertainty around management choices or where surgery is indicated or
  • comprehensive conservative measures have been unsuccessful or
  • patient is medically unfit or has declined surgery

MSK Specialist Triage will decide on the appropriate management pathway for your patient based on the information in your referral. Further details about Specialist Triage are below.

Core and MSKAPS services operate an eight week waiting time target for routine appointments, and two week waiting time targets for urgent appointments.

Please follow these links for further information;

MSK Specialist Triage (APS and Orthopaedics)

Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust

Cheltenham & Gloucester localities: shoulder, hand/wrist,elbow, spine, hip, knee

MSK Advanced Practitioner Service

Physiotherapy Department

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road



Tel: 0300 422 8127

Fax: 0300 422 8543


Susie Durrell - Consultant Physiotherapist

Jill Ham - Advanced Practitioner

Patsy Capon - West - Administrator

Gloucestershire Care Services

Foot and ankle

Other localities: shoulder, hand/wrist,elbow, spine, hip, knee

MSK Practitioner Service

MSKCAT Service

Edward Jenner Court

1010 Pioneer Avenue




Tel: 0300 421 8323

Fax: 0300 421 8386


Louise Bevan - Clinical Lead

Caroline Hooper - Clinical Lead

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