Young Carers

There are over 1000 identified young carers and young adult carers in Gloucestershire, but many more remain hidden. 

Research shows that young carers face disadvantage in their education, life opportunities, physical and mental health. It is important that we identify them as early as possible to ensure they can access the support they need.

You can make a referral for a young carer/ young adult carer (aged 8-24) using this referral form.
Alternatively you can give a Gloucestershire Young Carers leaflet to a parent or young person and ask them to make a self-referral.

Young carers are young people who provide regular/ongoing care  and/or emotional support for a family member impacted by mental or physical illness, disability or problematic substance misuse. Please also see the full Gloucestershire Young Carers eligibility criteria.

Support service

Brief description

Contact Information

Assessment and support planning

Home visit and whole family assessment to understand caring situation and develop support plan to minimise  impact of caring.

For more information about Gloucestershire Young Carers services 

Call: 01452 733060 


Please also see our website for more information and resources:

Information, advice and guidance

Resources for young carers and families eg, child friendly info about caring for someone with mental illness

Learning & development course

Our bespoke ‘Caring Counts’ course for young carers enables them to focus on their own health & wellbeing

Respite groups & activities

Opportunities to have a break from caring, meet others in similar circumstances, enjoy positive experiences 

1: 1 Support

Targeted support for individuals


Opportunities to join our young carers forum to help drive positive change for young carers.


Support service for Young Adult Carers aged 16-24

Specialist support

For young carers who care for someone with a mental illness or problematic substance misuse

Top Tips for identifying and supporting young carers in primary care.
Watch this short video devised and filmed by young carers:

  1.  ‘It is important for all surgery staff to know about young carers’
    Have a nominated young carers lead/ Raise awareness amongst staff /provide training
  2. ‘Understand what is happening in our family’
    Seeing each patient in the context of their family will help hidden young carers to be identified.
  1. ’Help us access the support we need’
    You can make a referral, ring GYC for advice or give a leaflet to ask a parent or young person to self-refer. You can display GYC leaflets, posters and display screens to help to spread awareness of young carers.
  2. ’Keep us in the loop’
    Recognise that young carers are experts by experience.  They might also be involved in collecting and administering medication.
  3. ’We don’t want to speak to a different person every time’. 
    Where possible ensure that a young carer can speak to the same nurse or doctor – they find it hard to keep explaining themselves.