Eczema Written Action Plan (EWAP)

Eczema is a common childhood condition which requires a high level of self-management predominantly with topical treatments- emollients and topical corticosteroids. However, adherence to treatment regimens is poor. Written action plans (WAPS)- written patient-specific instructions on how to manage a condition- have the potential to improve self-management of eczema in children.

A team of researchers at the Centre for Academic Primary Care, Bristol University have undertaken a project to develop a patient-held plan, which is completed with their healthcare professional, and gives individualised written instructions on how to treat eczema depending on the severity of the child's symptoms at any given time, and when to seek help from their surgery.

The WAP is three pages long and comprises an individualised front page with guidance on emollient, "flare cream/ointment" use, and when to seek help;a second page of 'essential' information about eczema; and a third, treatment log page. It is freely available for use by children, parents and clinicians.

There is either a word version which can be uploaded by GPs to software systems, and then edited electronically with the child's details and treatment plan before printing, or a PDF file which can be printed and completed by hand.

Please follow the resource link below to download the Eczema Written Action Plan.