Change, Grow, Live - Gloucestershire Community Drug & Alcohol Recovery - Tier 3 Service

Change, Grow Live Gloucestershire's community drug & alcohol recovery service help vulnerable adults and young people to understand the risks their drug or alcohol use pose to their health and wellbeing, and support them to reduce or stop their use safely. Once stability or abstinence has been achieved, the service provides aftercare to help maintain recovery and prevent the possibility of a relapse.

CGL are the specialist service (Tier 3) that provide support to those dependent on alcohol and offer treatment/recover support.

Change, Grow, Live also work with families, children and carers who are affected by the drug or alcohol use of a family member or friend.

Tel number:  01452 223014
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Please follow the resource link below to the referral form.

Alexandra Wellbeing House - GHC & Mind

COVID-19 Update

The Alexandra Wellbeing House will be temporarily closed until further notice but is still accepting referrals for when it re-opens. During this time, telephone wellbeing support to all previous guests (a weekly telephone call and safety and support planning via the Five Ways to Wellbeing Model) is available. The service will also accept new referrals from NHS teams and third sector organisations for service users who would be interested in telephone wellbeing support.

Swindon and Gloucestershire Mind in partnership with Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT and NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

The Alexandra Wellbeing House is located in Gloucester and is a partnership project between Swindon and Gloucestershire Mind & Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT. The service was officially opened by the Countess of Wessex in July 2017. The Alexandra Wellbeing House offers a preventative approach for patients experiencing mild to moderate mental health challenges who may be at risk of mental health admission, crisis and/or relapse.

The service is situated within the centre of Gloucester and is within walking distance of the City Centre. We accommodate up to five people at a time. Individuals are referred to as ‘Guests’ to reflect the non-clinical and relaxing atmosphere of the service. Each Guest is allocated their own private bedroom and there are also several communal areas and shared facilities such as, the living room, kitchen, crafts room, outdoor garden space and summer house.

The Alexandra Wellbeing House provides a safe, therapeutic environment for adults experiencing mild to moderate mental health challenges who need up to two weeks support and advice from Wellbeing Support Staff. The service is staffed Monday to Sunday during the day with an on-call system available during the night.

Guests stay overnight and access support for up to two weeks in a therapeutic environment, promoting recovery, resilience and wellbeing.

The services aims are to:

  • Support Guests to develop safety and support planning to help prevent further deterioration of mental health which may result in hospital admission.
  • Support Guests who have been discharged from hospital so they can move back into the community (if they have their own secure accommodation arrangements following a stay with us).

The service also offers:

  • Time for reflection and space to think and time away from the causes of emotional, environmental and social problems.
  • Individual and person-centred support that focuses on specific outcomes via the Five Ways to Wellbeing Plan which includes personal safety and support planning.

The Alexandra Wellbeing House will accept referrals from any statutory services, i.e. GP’s and Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT healthcare professionals. Referrals from a non-statutory organisation has to have known the individual for at least 6 months before a referral can be made.

To access this service, a Guest must be:

  • Aged 18 years or over.
  • Registered with a GP within the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group area.
  • Able to self-medicate and self-care.
  • Risk assessed to ensure The Alexandra Wellbeing House is a safe and suitable environment.

A Guest will not be eligible for the service if a Guest is:

  • Subject to the Mental Health Act, excluding Community Treatment Order (CTO) and Section 17 leave.
  • Assessed as being actively suicidal with plans to end their own life.
  • Diagnosed with an organic illness, such as dementia.
  • Homeless or of No Fixed Abode (NFA).


We do not accept self-referrals at present and would require a healthcare professional (i.e. GP, care coordinator, support worker etc) to complete the referral.

The Alexandra Wellbeing House referral form can be found here. A current risk assessment (within the last month) for your patient is also required to be sent alongside the referral.

The completed forms can be sent via email to: or posted via the address:
The Alexandra Wellbeing House
29-31 Alexandra Road

Swindon and Gloucestershire Mind will contact the referrer and the person being referred within 4 working days with the outcome of the referral. If an assessment is offered it must take place within 14 calendar days of receiving the referral and it is requested that a healthcare professional attend the assessment with the person being referred. If this is not possible, the person being referred can be accompanied by a family member or friend for supported if needed.

A decision will be made no more than 2 working days after the assessment has been completed. The Guest and referrer will be notified of the outcome.

The service offers a ground floor bedroom to those who have physical mobility issues. At present all bathrooms are on the 1st floor of the building, therefore it is a requirement that Guests are able to use the stairs during their stay. The service is currently in the process of refurbing the ground floor bathroom suite to enable greater access to those with physical mobility issues.

  • Friends and Family Test – 96% of Guests who completed a stay in 18/19 would either ‘Extremely Likely’ or Likely’ recommend The Alexandra Wellbeing House to their friends and family.
  • Self-Assessment Score – 100% of Guests who completed a stay in 18/19 either maintained or improved upon their self-assessment score.
  • Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) – 96% of Guests who completed a stay in 18/19 either maintained or improved their wellbeing score.

‘I referred Sam (not real name) to Alexandra Wellbeing House for a two-week break. I’ve worked with Sam for some time and she has always had ups and downs and periods of Crisis. However, we have built a good working relationship and have an agreed plan of support in place. I referred Sam as we agreed a regular planned break may be a useful addition to her plan for staying well. The break was in our view massively helpful to her. In the months before the stay there were difficult accommodation, financial, and physical issues to contend with, in addition to her mental-health concerns. The break was a chance to leave some of this behind for a while and provided a period of stability. Sam loved the place and the staff at Alexandra Wellbeing House. The period of stability also resulted in an opportunity for Sam and I to progress work in therapy that was not possible previously’.  

Jon Cash
Head of Psychological Services
Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT


The Alexandra Wellbeing House is also featured in Chapter  27 of ‘Wolves. Battles. Bakes’ by Simon Rickards (a previous Guest of the service). A story about Simon, a 44-year-old man who suffers with anorexia, borderline personality disorder and acute social anxiety.

Simon’s book is available to purchase via

20% of the profits from the sale of this book will be split equally between Swindon and Gloucestershire Mind and Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation.

‘Wolves. Battles. Bakes.’ – Simon Rickard (Previous Guest)


‘All the people I met during my stay were helpful and interesting, staff were exceptional when on duty, support was very good. I felt that it was important to have someone who was willing to listen  to me at times of stress. This made my stay very special’.

An extract from ’A Much-Needed Break’  – Rosie Gardener (Previous Guest)

The Alexandra Wellbeing House
29-31 Alexandra Road

Telephone: 01452 245338


Manager: Mr. Ieuan Edwards (MSc, MBPsS, DCP), Senior Lead, Gloucester  

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