Glos Joint Formulary - Central Nervous System: Substance Dependence

Please follow the resource below to view the Gloucestershire Formulary information on drugs used in substance dependence.

Nalmefene for Reduction in Alcohol Consumption - Treatment Protocol for GPs

Nalmefene (also known as Selincro) is recommended as a possible treatment for people with alcohol dependence who:

  • are still drinking more than 7.5 units per day (for men) and more than 5 units per day (for women) 2 weeks after an initial assessment and
  • do not have physical withdrawal symptoms and
  • do not need to either stop drinking straight away or stop drinking completely.

Nalmefene should only be taken if the person is also having ongoing support to change their behaviour and to continue to take their treatment, to help them reduce their alcohol intake.

Please follow the link below to the protocol.

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