Referral Pathway for HIV Screening - GCS


Please see the Services and Referrals Section for further information.

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis after Sexual Exposure (PEPSE)

All PEPSE cases should be discussed with the GUM Consultant on call via switchboard: 0300 422 2222


alternatively between the hours of 9-5 (excluding bank holidays): 0300 421 6542

Primary Care to email Blue Team with patient contact details to arrange follow up with Consultant/HIV team within three days:

Please ask the patient to telephone 0300 421 6542 (9.00-5.00) – for appointment time and location.


Please follow the resource link below to the local standard operating procedures taken from BASHH Guidelines.

PEP kits need to be collected from one of the sites listed below with prior arrangement with the appropriate location, PEP cannot be prescribed by GP’s due to availability in local pharmacies:

GCS Locations: 

  • Lydney Hospital 
  • Dilke Hospital
  • Stroud Hopsital
  • Hope House GUM Clinic
  • SARC Clinic, at Hope House
  • Milsom Street GUM Clinic
  • Cirencester Hospital
  • Tewkesbury Hospital
  • North Cotswold Hospital MIU

GHT Locations: 

  • A&E GRH
  • A&E CGH
  • Pharmacy Emergency Supply Cupboard – CGH
  • Pharmacy Emergency Supply Cupboard – GRH
  • GRH Theatres
  • CGH Theatres
  • Occupational Health - GRH
  • Occupational Health - CGH