Cardiac rehabiliation service

The cardiac rehabilltation programmes are medically supervised programmes of exercise, emotional support, diet and exercise that can help improve quality of life and help manage a condition.

The cardiac rehabilitation service is made up of skilled specialist nurses, and works in partnership with a range of other organisations, including national research and charitable organisations such as the British Heart Foundation. Nurses provide a home visiting service to patients who have had a heart attack or coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

We accept patients following CABG, STEMI/NSTEMI or PCI for Phase II and III cardiac rehabilitation.  Patients following Valve surgery are accepted for Phase II telephone assessment only.  Other patients are accepted on an individual basis e.g. following Heart Transplant.

Referrals are received from Consultants/Ward Nurses/ GPs / PNs/ other CR centres and Physiotherapists.  Referrals may also be made to our email address or by phone.

Patients should be offered  a service nearest to their home therefore we will accept patients who are registered with a GP in a neighbouring county. Similarly we may refer on to a more local service to the patient.

Patients receive Phase II assessment call within 4 days of discharge and are then either directly recruited onto a Phase III programme (elective PCIs) or a Phase III home visit is arranged for further assessment.

The service offers the following Phase III options:

  1. A six week ‘rolling’ programme based at a community venue. (Cinderford, Cirencester, Cheltenham, The Reddings, Oxstalls Gym, Stonehouse, Gloucester.)
  2. A home based programme  ‘The Heart Manual’.
  3. A stand alone education session ‘The Recovery Programme’.

Following completion of a Phase III programme patients are referred to Phase IV managed by the GCC.

Rapid access chest pain clinic (RACPC)- GHNHSFT

GHNHSFT's rapid access chest pain clinic (RACPC) provides quick and early specialist cardiology assessment for patients with new onset of chest pain thought likely to be angina.

This new referral form can be used immediately, but will be mandatory after 1st May 2017. It replaces all previous versions of the referral form and is the only one which will be accepted after this date.

The referral form should be completed and returned via the E-referral System or fax to: 0300 422 5995 

Please follow the resource link to be taken to the referral form.

The referral form is also available in different formats on the GHNHSFT website.