Formula Feeding

All parents and carers who are giving their babies formula feed should be offered appropriate and tailored advice on formula feeding to ensure this is undertaken as safely as possible. They should be taught how to make feeds using correct, measured quantities of formula, as based on the manufacturer's instructions, and how to clean and sterilise bottles and teats and how to store formula milk. If families need additional support they can be referred to their midwife or health visitor.

Parents and family members should be advised that milk.

  • Should not be warmed in a microwave
  • Should not be made up in advance


Feeding is an important bonding time for parents and their babies. Breastfed babies have to be held by their mums but for bottle fed babies that contact is just as important. New parents should be encouraged to:

  • Feed the baby themselves in the early days. The number of people feeding the baby should be limited to a maximum of three people.
  • Interact with the baby whilst feeding, making eye contact.

Do not 'bottle prop' as it can be dangerous and also reduces important bonding time between a parent and baby.