Improving Patient Care with Dermoscopy

This page has been created to support GPs using dermatascopes to take pictures to support their dermatology referrals. Pictures can be used in two instances:

  1. Attached to Advice and Guidance referral when GPs are unsure of management options or unsure if a patient needs a 2WW referral. Advice and Guidance will be responded to within 48 hours
  2. Attached to a routine dermatology referral to aid the consultants in secondary care to manage the referral.

A good quality picture will: aid in the specialist team's ability to reassure GPs about the dianosis of a lesion, advise a GP how to manage their patient within primary care, move a referral form from Advice and Guidance to an outpatient appointment, and potentially in the future, the ability to book patients directly onto surgical lists.

Dermoscopy Basics

Please click on the image below to access 'Using the dematoscope- Gloucestershire GPs'

Video Guides for Using a Dermatascope

Dermatascope - Attaching the scope to the camera

Dermatascope - How to change the dermatascope

Dermatascope - How to move the base plate

Dermatascope - How to take the base plate on and off

Dermatascope - If you are struggling to take the base plate off

Dermatascope - Looking through the scope

Dermatascope - Taking a dermoscopic picture

Dermatascope - Taking clinical pictures after dermoscopic pictures

Dermatascope - Taking pictures for the patient

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Useful Resources
Advice and Guidance

Advice and Guidance (A&G) allows one clinician to seek advice from another. Unlike creating a booking request, where a number of providers can be selected, Advice and Guidance is a communication between two clinicians: the “requesting” clinician and the provider of a service (the “responding” clinician).

The reasons why a clinician may wish to seek Advice and Guidance include:

  • Asking for advice regarding the ongoing primary care management of a patient
  • Seeking advice on the appropriateness of a referral-where there is uncertainty around diagnosis

The requester is able to attach documents to the advice request, so this is where a good quality photograph taken with a dermatascope should be attached where possible. The consultants will then be able to review the photograph to aid their decision making.

Please follow resource link below for further guidance.