Practitioner Advice Line - 2gether

CYPS offer a Pracitioner Advice Line for any professional concerned about a child or young person's mental health.

Referrals - Practitioner Advice Line 01452 894 272 open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm excluding bank holidays.

For more information on this 2gether community service please follow the Resource link below.

Children and Young People Services (CYPS) - 2gether

2gether Trust’s Children and Young People Service (CYPS) provides a comprehensive range of specialist mental health and emotional wellbeing services for all children and young people (including those with a moderate to severe learning disability) aged up to 18 years (and their families/carers) who are registered with a GP in Gloucestershire

CYPS offers specialist assessment and treatment to children and young people who are struggling with moderate to severe difficulties due to mental health disorders or related issues.  As we are a specialist mental health service, referred children and young people should have typically already received (but not responded to) initial help and support from preventative and early intervention services within their community and schools.  Our staff work within multidisciplinary teams that consist of specialist psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, art therapists and counsellors trained in CBT. 

Routine referrals should be sent to the below address with a clear outline of presenting/likely mental health issues and what help and support has been tried to date. 

2gether NHS Foundation Trust
Children and Young People Service (CYPS)
Acorn House
Horton Rd, Gloucester, GL1 3PX

Telephone: 01452 894300  Fax: 01452 894301

If you are concerned that a child or young person is presenting with likely mental health difficulties that require urgent attention (such as psychosis, symptoms of severe depression, high risk of self harm or suicide or a severe and unexplained deterioration in mood/behaviour both at home and at school) please send a urgent fax and an accompanying urgent telephone call.

If you are concerned about a child or young person and whether there may presenting mental health difficulties or you need help in making a referral to CYPS, then please contact the CYPS Practitioner Advice Line on 01452 894272 which is available Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm, excluding bank holidays.  Please note this advice line is for professionals working with children  young people only. 

This Advice Line is supported by highly experienced CYPS primary mental health workers (PMHW’s) who will be happy to talk through any potential referrals or offer consultation where required.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Child and adolescent psychiatrists specialise in working with children and young people (usually up to the age of 18 years) who have mental health problems. They work as part of a multidisciplinary service that may include other child mental health professionals such as child psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and others. It also involves liaison with other agencies such as schools and social services. Most of the work that they do with children, young people and their families is done in out-patient clinics, but there are opportunities to work in a variety of settings. Inpatient services are limited but are available for those young people in crisis or with serious mental health problems.

Referrals - Access to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is available through the NHS e-Referrals Service (formerly Choose & Book).

Teens in Crisis (TIC) - Glos

TIC+ provide online and direct face to face counselling services for children and young people ages 9-21 years in the Gloucestershire area. Children and young people can be seen at school or at a convenient venue near their home. The counsellors cover the whole of Gloucestershire. TIC+ has both male and female counsellors available.

Making a referral:

TIC+ accept referrals directly from the young person or a parent or carer or friend on their behalf. Referrals can be made by telephoning TIC+ on 01594 546117, texting 07977 334433 or messaging from the TIC+ website

Please follow the resource below to find out more about whom this service would be useful for and referral criteria.

On Your Mind - Glos

On Your Mind is a website for young people in Gloucestershire to help them cope with life’s ups and downs. It includes information on who they can talk to locally about any issues they may be facing as well as links to useful websites and national helplines.

Please follow the resource link below to the website.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Gender Identity Development Service (Children and young people)

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) is for children and young people (up to the age of 18), and their families, who experience difficulties in the development of their gender identity. It's a national specialised service, based in London and Leeds, and is the only one of its kind in Great Britain.

Contact Details

GIDS, The Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BA

Telephone: 020 8938 2030


Please follow the resource link below to the website for the referral form, waiting list times and further information.