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infoKid infoKid provide useful information for parents/carers of children with Acute Kidney Injury - these can be downloaded in PDF format for ease of printing.
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infoKid - Acute Kidney Injury

infoKID is an online information resource for parents and carers about kidney conditions in infants, children and young people. Our information covers a range of conditions, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Parents and carers can access information about their child's condition, tests and treatments as and when you need it. You can read the information on screen or download leaflets as PDFs.

Think Kidneys

Think Kidneys help patients, their carers and families, as well as the fit and well, understand their personal risk of acute kidney injury. Think Kidneys help everyone know where to get help, support and information. This webpage provides patient information on (almost) everything they need to know about their kidneys.

National Kidney Federation

The National Kidney Federation is unique because, although there area  large number of kidney charities, the NFK is the national kidney charity actually run by kidney patients for kidney patients.

British Kidney Patient Association

The British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) is a well-established charity working to improve the quality of life for adults and children with kidney disease.

We provide: information and advice for those with kidney disease, grants to help patients and families with kidney disease, cover the costs of domestic bills, hospital travel, education and holidays and financial support to kidney units throughout the UK to help improve kidney services and patient care.

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