Care of the Elderly 'Hot Advice Line' - GHFT


Consultant Advice (Mon-Fri 11am-1pm) - available via on-call Consultant contactable through hospital main switchboard 0300 422 2222. 

This is for advice regarding over 75s and Elderly medicine issues.   

The Hot Advice Line should only be used for queries relating to admission avoidance and not for routine referral queries.

Care Home Support

The Care Home Support Team is a multi-disciplinary team, currently made up of general nurses, mental health nurses, a dietician, occupational therapist and a medicines management technician.

Please see this Care Home Support Leaflet (link to be inserted).

The team can be contacted on:

Tel: 0300 421 8627


Gloucestershire Social Care Services for Adults and Older People
Safe and Well Checks

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service can now go into a patient’s home and undertake a safe and well check as part of a new project that is being piloted. 

Please follow the resource link below for further information, referral and contact details.

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