Suspected Croup Care Pathway Overview (3 Months - 6 Years)

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Croup: Assessment (3 Months - 6 Years)

Traffic light system for identifying severity of illness.


Croup: GP Management / Guidelines (3 Months - 6 Years)

Single dose of oral dexamethasone (0.15mg per kg body weight)

Alternative is oral prednisolone 1-2mg per kg body weight and consider second dose if residual symptoms of stridor are present the following day

Always provide verbal / written information about care of child, warning signs and when to seek further advice

Practice Point:

The paediatric hub can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

Daytime (08:00- 18:30) - 01452 687 000

OOH Healthcare Professional (HCP) Line (18:30-08:00) - 0330 053 6359
Your patient will be contacted during the out of hours period, assessed and the appropriate actions taken.

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