The Infection Control Team at GHFT have provided the following advice for Primary Care regarding MRSA screening;

  • MRSA screening, if appropriate,  is part of the elective pathway and will be done at preadmission clinic or outpatients
  • Urgent admissions will be screened as soon as are able
  • Emergency admissions are screened on admission
  • Any referral by the GP of a known MRSA positive patients should be documented in the referral

If Primary Care is asked to swab or decolonise patients the below links will provide further useful information;

MRSA bloodstream infections: Post Infection Review (PIR)

NHS England requires a Post Infection Review (PIR) in every case of MRSA bloodstream infection to identify how the case occurred and outline actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

You may be asked to contribute to this review if one of your patients has an MRSA infection.

Please follow the link below to guidance on information that may be required from you.