Suspected Gastroenteritis Care Pathway Overview

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Assessment - Traffic Light Features




GP Fluid Challenge Guidelines

The table below gives the normal maintenance fluid volumes based on weight for mild to moderately dehydrated children. For the first 10kg of weight- 4ml/kg/hour, for the second 10kg – 2ml/kg/hr, for all remaining kg – 1ml/kg/hr. Aim for 75-100% of the fluid volumes listed below per hour when awake, given gradually over the hour via syringe. Fluid should be clear, ideally oral rehydration solutions e.g. Dioralyte. If the child is breast-fed continue breastfeeding. Seek review if the patient

  • Is not taking fluids
  • Is not keeping fluids down
  • Is becoming more unwell
  • Has reduced urine output

If the assessment shows “Red” features refer patient to PAU.


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GP Management

See GP Fluid Challenge Guidelines

Provide parents / carers with advice:

Preventing dehydration:

  • Continue breastfeeding and other milk feeds
  • Encourage fluid intake
  • Discourage fruit juices and carbonated drinks (especially those children at increased risk of dehydration)
  • Offer oral rehydration solution (ORS) as supplemental fluid to those at increased risk of dehydration
  • Refer to Table 4 for stool microbiology advice

Follow up by arranging a review by an appropriate health care professional

Direct to local numbers

Practice Point:

The paediatric hub can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

Daytime (08:00- 18:30) - 01452 687 000

OOH Healthcare Professional (HCP) Line (18:30-08:00) - 0330 053 6359
Your patient will be contacted during the out of hours period, assessed and the appropriate actions taken.

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