Top Tips for Diagnosis and Prescribing for Community Acquired Pneumonia

Ensure all “at risk” patients receive an annual flu vaccination and pneumonia vaccination according to the following guidelines (available on

Use CRB65 tool to assess severity of a suspected pneumonia. (In otherwise well patients if the only point scored in CRB65 is for age it remains reasonable to use clinical judgement to decide to manage in primary care with appropriate review).

Follow countywide antibiotic guidelines for treatment of community acquired pneumonia and always review antibiotics at day 5.

Use Single Point of Access for referral (SPCA) - 0300 4210300

Following a proven pneumonia; request chest x-ray at 6 weeks.  Review x-ray and if infection is not fully resolved; refer patient under 2 week wait criteria.

Gloucestershire Respiratory Clinical Programme Group. November 2015  -   Review date:  November 2017

Community Acquired Pneumonia


Pneumonia Follow Up - iRefer CT Diagnostic Guidance

Please follow the resource link to the iRefer diagnostic guidance for Pneumonia follow-up CT scan.

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