Ambulatory Emergency Care Overview

The aim of the AEC service is to provide same day emergency care to suitable patients at the acute hospitals. This means that patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and are able to go home the same day, without being admitted overnight.

​​Also, any other medical presentation that you feel may be appropriate for AEC following discussion with SPCA. 

The Acute Care Unit Consultant team can also be contacted for telephone advice regarding medical patients, and they may advise you that AEC is appropriate for your patient. 

Gloucester Royal Hospital:
 1st Floor Tower Block. Opening Hours: 8am-6pm Monday - Sunday (patient must arrive before 4pm)
Cheltenham General Hospital: Level 2 College Road Wing (Re-launched 22nd February 2016). Opening Hours: 8am-6pm Monday - Friday (patient must arrive before 4pm)
All GPs in the county can refer patients via the Single Point of Clinical Access (SPCA):
SPCA: 0300 421 0300

When you call the SPCA on the GP line, SPCA have requested that GPs have this information already;


Please consider using the Primary Care Transfer Form (Pilot).

Please view the resource link below for AEC FAQ's.