HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young)

HENRY is a free 8-week group course running termly in some local children’s centres

It is for parents of children aged 0 – 5 years and their children.

HENRY is for people who would like to:
Feel more confident as a parent
Get some support to give their child a healthy start
Reduce mealtime stress
See their child eat more fruit and vegetables
Help their children spend more time being active and less on screens

Referrals - Signpost families to their local Children's Centre who can refer people on to the course.

Paediatric Dietician

A paediatric dietician develops nutritional guidelines for children based on their medical condition, usually after they are diagnosed with an acute or chronic illness. Paediatric dieticians teach the families about sound nutritional principles and the best ways to select and prepare food. In some cases, such as children who have kidney disorders, the diet modification may be complicated and require a great deal of guidance. With the increase in obesity and Type II diabetes in juveniles, dieticians are often focusing on coaching families to avoid junk food and too many sweets, along with adopting an exercise program.

Referrals - Any health professional can refer a child to the paediatric dietician. 

Referral letters should be sent to:

Paediatric Dietician

Nutrition and Dietetics

Beacon House

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital