Occupational Therapist & Fizzy programme

The service is for children and their families and carers, providing occupational support in the hospital, community and education settings.

Therapists work with children / young people who have difficulties carrying out activities that they would be expected to be able to do, based on their age or developmental stage.
Occupational therapists provide specialist assessment of the functional ability of children and young people to manage activities of daily living, with the aim of achieving a level of independence for the child and/or young person in managing their activities of daily living and/or enable families/carers to care for their disabled child/young person in the short and long term.

Following assessment intervention is planned around the individual needs of the child and the family to make it easier/safer for a child/young person to carry out their activities of daily living and to enable families and carers to assist them to do these things safely in the short and long term.  Goals and target outcomes are agreed between the child and their parent/carer and the occupational therapist.

Referrals -

Referrals must be from health professionals be in writing and preferably by sending a completed Gloucestershire Community Children’s Occupational Therapy Referral Form direct to the single entry point:

Gloucestershire Community Children’s Occupational Therapy Service 
Quedgeley Clinic,
St James’,
GL2 4WD.
Tel:   0300 421 6974

Fax: 0300 421 6832

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) can also refer children with coordination difficulties who have not progressed after the implementation of school based programme for two consecutive terms (35 – 40 sessions of FIZZY) on the address above.

For more information on the OT service the FIZZY programme please follow the Resource Link below which will take you to the GCS OT website page.

Community Paediatric & Neurodisability Service - Referral Guidelines - GHNHSFT

Please follow the resource link below to the guidance and referral criteria for the assessment of children within the GHNHSFT Community Paediatric and Neurodisability service. This guidance is for General Practitioners, Public Health Nurses and Therapists

Community Paediatrician

Community paediatricians are doctors who are specialists in the care and treatment of children and young people. They will have had special training in assessing children who have a wide range of special needs or who have been referred because of concerns about their development. Their role is to diagnose conditions which may have an impact on a child’s learning or development or cause a disability.
After initial assessments and diagnosis, there may be follow up appointments and reviews. These are a chance to give advice on managing the child’s health and treatment and also to prescribe medication, where appropriate.
Please ensure referral criteria are met.

Referral Criteria
• School report to evidence coordination impairment out of keeping with general ability
• Occupational Therapist report
• GP assessment (including physical examination)

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