Considering community paediatric referral for behavioural issues/learning difficulties?

Please be aware that the paediatrician will generally require the following to be completed prior to assessment.

Items 1-5 are normally completed by school/nursery. Please click here for standard letter to schools requesting this information.

1. School/Nursey report & observations

2. SENco report (levels of attainment, strategies tried)

3. My Plan/My Plan +

4. Report/advice from Advisory Teaching Service

5. Report from Educational Psychology

Items 6-12 will usually require a GP referral.

6. SALT assessment (if appropriate)

7. Hearing test result

8. Summary of involvement with mental health services (CYPS advice line, TIC+ )

9. Parenting support evidence (i.e. Webster Stratton or PPP)

10. OT assessment (if appropriate)

11. Early help team role/Families First

12. CAST questionniare- for suspected Autistsic Spectrum Disorder

It is acknowledged that this is a long list and time consuming to collate. However it is vital for the Paediatrician to make a thorough and meaningful assessment.

The paediatric 'Advice and Guidance Service' can offer guidance if unsure.