Community Paediatric & Neurodisability Service - Referral Guidelines - GHNHSFT

Please follow the resource link below to the guidance and referral criteria for the assessment of children within the GHNHSFT Community Paediatric and Neurodisability service. This guidance is for General Practitioners, Public Health Nurses and Therapists

Community Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & language therapists are qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of difficulties with communication (understand & using spoken language and social communication skills) and eating & drinking disorders.

  • behaviours
  • co-morbidities
  • areas of need related to the triad of social impairments
  • executive functioning deficits, motivation, memory and central coherence
  • sensory sensitivity and integration
  • intersubjectivity

The SLT will identify and aim to facilitate the development of communication in the child.

Please use the referral forms located here.
Children can be referred to the service by their parents or by another health or educational professional with the parent’s permission.
Address: Speech and Language Therapy, The Independent Living Centre Village Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 0BY
Telephone: 0300 421 8937

For more information on the service follow the resource link below to their website.

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