Audiology Department

Paediatric Audiology is a service that assesses the hearing of children. The service is jointly staffed by community paediatricians and an audiologist. Dependent on the details of the referral depends who the child will be seen by.

Referal to audiology can be made by any Healthcare Professional.  Referals need to be in writing to:  Dr Hollingingworth, Community Paediatrics.

Newborn Hearing Screening

The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme is a national screening programme that is delivered by Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust working in conjunction with health, education and social care organisations in Gloucestershire.

Screening is offered to all families with newborn babies who are registered with a GP in Gloucestershire. The aim of the programme is to provide an efficient, family-friendly service to undertake hearing screening of all newborn babies and identify any babies that need further testing for a Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment. The programme also provides ongoing specialist hearing assessments and a wide range of advice and support programmes for any babies identified.

Speech and Language Therapy -Community Service - GCS

Speech & language therapists are qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of difficulties with communication (understand & using spoken language and social communication skills) and eating & drinking disorders.

The service provides assessment, advice and treatment planned around the individual needs of the child & family. Advice, training and support may also be provided to teaching & support staff or other professionals as appropriate, to facilitate the development of communication skills.

Referrals - Children can be referred to the service by their parents or by another health or educational professional with the parent’s permission.

Speech and Language Therapy

The Independent Living Centre Village Road



GL51 0BY

Telephone: 0300 421 8937

The Advisory Teaching Service - Team for Hearing Impairment - Service and Referrals

Qualified Specialist Advisory Teachers of the Deaf work with children from birth to 19 years who experience difficulties relating to a diagnosed sensori-neural hearing loss. They will:

•Give advice and support to families / carers of newly diagnosed deaf babies and children
•Introduce Early Support materials
•Assess and monitor language development
•Advice on specific listening and language programmes, including the use of sign language and accessing signed support where necessary
•Provide, check and monitor radio aids and additional audiological equipment, where appropriate
•Give advice on specialist resources / equipment available on loan or to purchase
•Give advice to class / subject teachers, SENCos and TAs on teaching strategies, amplification and communication methods to support access to teaching and learning for pupils with a hearing impairment
•Deliver whole school INSET on classroom management of hearing loss
•Support school to evaluate new / existing programmes / teaching methods as appropriate
•Evaluate curriculum and teaching methods for individual pupils, through review process with staff

Referrrals At pre-school stage referrals are made either through a health professional or through the SEN Early Years Panel.
At school age the SENCo or a Health Professional  refers to the Hearing Impairment Team using the "Request for Advisory Teacher Involvement" form available online.

The children are referred if:
• The primary difficulty is related to an identified hearing loss or there is a hearing loss diagnosed in addition to other disabilities
• The child has been prescribed a hearing aid or has been referred for cochlear implant
• There is concern that the pupil is not progressing through the National Curriculum
• There is evidence to suggest that the child is unable to access teaching and learning as a direct result of hearing loss
• The child displays increasing learning and interaction difficulties which are not alleviated by using the Strands of Action for Hearing Impairment

Community paediatrician if further investigation required

Community paediatricians are doctors who are specialists in the care and treatment of children and young people. They will have had special training in assessing children who have a wide range of special needs or who have been referred because of concerns about their development. Their role is to diagnose conditions which may have an impact on a child’s learning or development or cause a disability.
After initial assessments and diagnosis, there may be follow up appointments and reviews. These are a chance to give advice on managing the child’s health and treatment and also to prescribe medication, where appropriate.

Referrals - Referral criteria neonatal screening pathway completed; failure of school entry hearing screen; parental/PH/professional concern re hearing.