Suspected ADHD Gloucestershire Care Pathway

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My Plan and My Plan Plus

My Plan-  is a holistic child or family-centred plan that draws together existing information and identifies existing needs, required outcomes and what will be done to achieve them. A My Plan is developed by the Lead Practitioner, ensuring the child and family are central. A My Plan should be regularly reviewed by everyone that is involved, the Team Around the Child (TAC) and updated to ensure it is meeting the needs of the child and/or family.

My Plan Plus- where a child,young person or family have more complex needs, My Assessment may be needed to aid understanding of the needs and inform effective planning. My assessment focuses on listening to the family to understand what is happening for them and what they need to help them make positive changes. My Assessment also draws together information from a range of practitioners into one document so that a detailed analysis can be made and an action plan developed. The plan that is attached to My Assessment is called My Plan Plus and the 'plus' denotes that it has been informed by a holistic assessment of need. My Assessment requires the Lead Practitioner to coordinate gathering all information together and arranging for a Team Around the Child (TAC) or Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting to regularly review the My Plan Plus. This will help the child, young person and his/her family experience a more coordinated and joined up approach. Information from My Assessment and My Plan Plus will be used to inform decision making regarding the Education, Health and Care statutory process.

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