News: Child Death Alert

Following the tragic demise of a small infant with meningitis who had previously been presented to his GP with a discharging ear, Gloucestershire Paediatric ENT surgeons would like to provide the following guideline:

  • any infant less than three months of age who presents with a discharging (pus) ear needs to be referred to GRH and reviewed by a Paediatrician and ENT Surgeon


The Big 6

The 6 most common conditions children present with for urgent care:

Please follow the resource link for more information.

Transition to Adult Care Services - 'Ready Steady Go and Hello'

Transition for young people into adult services should be a planned, gradual process that gives the young person, and everyone involved in their care, time to prepare for the move into adulthood. It should empower the young person to be able manage their condition, lifestyle options and be confident to make informed choices about options available. In some cases, care of a person with a long term condition will pass to the GP. 

To support children and young people through transition, the University Hospital of Southampton has developed the 'Ready Steady Go and Hello' structured transition programme which we are adopting in Gloucestershire. 

The programme consists of a series of questionnaires designed to guide appropriate discussions between the clinicians, the young people and their carers.

Please follow the resource link below to the GCS website for FAQ's, patient information and downloadable questionnaire's and plans.