CFS/ME Service - GHFT

Please follow the resource link below the the GHFT's website for information about CFS/ME services.

The specialist CFS/ME service for Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire is based at Southmead Hospital. A small sattelite service runs at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. For further information, including GP referral criteria, please visit Bristol Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME Service.

Complex Care at Home

The Complex Care at Home Team provide personalised support and care to adults who are losing their independence and resilience due to multiple/complex needs. This support will include care co-ordination, clinical expertise, health coaching and information and advice to help people manage their conditions, enabling them to access on-going low level support in the community.

The teams operate in Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Forest of Dean. Please see the below links to leaflets and referral forms.

Service Leaflet Referral Form
Cheltenham and Gloucester leaflet Cheltenham and Gloucester referral form
Forest of Dean leaflet Forest of Dean referral form

Please also see the Complex Care at Home video below.

Remote Monitoring (Telehealth)

Remote monitoring is the remote exchange of physiological data between a patient at home and medical staff to monitor their disease/condition. It includes (amongst other things) a home unit to measure and monitor temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs for clinical review at a remote location (for example a hospital site or GP practice) using wireless technology. Remote monitoring allows clinicians to deliver healthcare differently for the benefit of patients and healthcare staff.  It supports patients to learn, understand and self-manage their condition. It can have information and advice for the patient and individualised care plans set up.

Please follow the resource link below to full information on the service.

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