Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOAS)



The Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOAS) is provided by a highly-skilled team of respiratory nurses who support people who require oxygen at home. All patients are assessed and supported by the team, and they are able to refer for hospital consultant support as appropriate.

Referrals are usually made by GPs, but may also come from any health care professional. When patients with respiratory problems and other conditions are thought to need oxygen, they are referred for an oxygen assessment at one of our community clinics, or, if house bound, in their own home.

The team of specialist clinicians will assess whether oxygen is appropriate and, if so, order the supply, provide support and follow up for the individual.

They also review all patients currently receiving home oxygen in Gloucestershire to make sure that their oxygen supply is appropriate for their condition, and provide ongoing care and support. Patients and their carers will be given advice regarding safety, travel and holiday oxygen in addition to day-to-day respiratory care advice.

The ordering of Home Oxygen changed on the 1st October 2016. Ordering of home oxygen is divided into two parts: Part A for GPs and Part B for HOAS. Part A is restricted to ordering a concentrator whilst Ambulatory Oxygen is now ordered by referral to HOAS.






  • Patients aged 18 years and older
  • Confirmed clinical diagnosis
  • Must have stopped smoking or has been referred to the GSAS
  • Medical treatment is optimised
  • Oxygen saturations 92% or below
  • Registered with a Gloucestershire GP
  • Patient agrees to assessment


  • Patients who do not consent to be treated by the home oxygen assessment service
  • Patients that currently smoke and refuse any smoking cessation intervention (these patients will be discussed in MDT case conference)
  • Patients whose behaviour, residence or environment has been agreed to be inappropriate or hazardous, requiring alternate provision of care.
  • Patients with insufficient information about their needs or condition to enable safe nursing care where there is no carer.
  • Patients aged 17 and 364 days and younger unless assessed as requiring care most appropriately delivered by the home oxygen assessment service nursing service. Consideration will be made to patients transferring from paediatric to adult services in the future.
  • Patients not registered with a General Practitioner located within Gloucestershire.
  • Patients requiring emergency or critical care support where their care is more appropriately provided in an acute or alternative care setting.
  • Oxygen saturation above 92%


Please ensure that all referrals include a GP Summary

Please follwo the resource link below to access the referral form.

When prescribing urgent oxygen an Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation Form (IHORM) and Home Oxygen Consent Form (HOCF) must be completed by GP/AHP.

Please also see IHORM Supporting Notes for guidance.




Lifestyle & wellbeing services

Please consider the following lifestyle and wellbeing information and related services where appropriate:

Respiratory Referral Forms

Please follow the link to view the referral forms available.