Advice and Guidance Service

Electronic consultant level Advice & Guidance can be obtained from GHNHSFT using the NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose & Book) within a range of specialties. Please view the resource for further information.

Respiratory Referral Forms

Please follow the link to view the referral forms available.

Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOAS)

HOAS offers specialist review for those people who are receiving home oxygen therapy or who may meet the criteria for assessment.  The team offer clinics around the county usually in community hospitals and home visits may be offered to those who are house bound. Please note we do not accept referrals for those who are still smoking.

In cases where a patient has been prescribed oxygen via a HOOF A, the prescriber MUST complete an iHORM/HOCF for risk mitigation and patient consent.  The HOOFA (prescription) can be found on the Air Liquide website and the IHORM/HOCF is now available here to upload to your clinical system. All patients prescribed oxygen under a HOOF A must also be referred to the HOAS team via the referral form.

GPs are now only able to prescribe an urgent concentrator (which will come with a backup cylinder) for patients who are considered end of life. To prescribe an urgent concentrator please contact Air Liquide on 0808 202 2229.

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