NICE Guidance - Transient loss of consciousness

NICE Pathway: Transient loss of consciousness ('blackouts')

This pathway is about the assessment, diagnosis and specialist referral of adults and young people (aged 16 and older) who have experienced a blackout (the medical term for this is 'transient loss of consciousness' or TLoC for short).

This pathway aims to define the appropriate pathways for the initial assessment, diagnosis and specialist referral of people who have had TLoC, so that they receive the correct diagnosis quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, leading to a suitable management plan.

NICE Guideline (CG109): Transient loss of consciousness ('blackouts') in over 16s

This guideline covers assessment, diagnosis and referral for people over 16 who have had a transient loss of consciousness (TLoC; also called a blackout). It aims to improve care for people with TLoC by specifying the most effective assessments and recommending when to refer to a specialist.