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Forms and contact details for referrals to the Trauma Triage Service have changed.

Changes to the process will ensure an orthopaedic consultant review of all fractures. This will be done electronically (without patient present) within 72 hours of referral. Patients will be contacted by telephone to agree their management plan.

If uncertain whether urgent referral is required, discuss with the On-Call Registrar.

Presentation to Primary Care with an acute MSK condition (Acute is usually described as within 6 weeks) e.g. a suspected recent fracture or a serious soft tissues injury (including acute knee) that does not need immediate management by a Minor Injury Unit (MIU) or Emergency Department (ED) should be referred to the Trauma Triage Service.

X-rays should have been completed and, upon review by the GP, indicate a suspected recent fracture if appropriate.

If uncertain about reviewing x-rays or diagnosing injury, refer patient to local Minor Injury Unit (MIU) or Emergency Department (ED)
Please see the X-Ray (plain Films) section for MIIU opening times and contact information.

All suspected recent fractures or other serious soft tissue injuries (including acute knee) should be referred using the Trauma referral form for orthopaedic consultant review of the injury by Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust.

Please note that the quality of the review is dependent on the quality of the information provided by GPs within the referral form.

Email referral at

Fax referral number 0300 422 5270

Alongside referring the patient, also give the patient a copy of the Gloucestershire Trauma Service information letter found here.

People who suffered their injury overseas should be referred to the Trauma Triage Service, noting on the referral form that initial treatment was overseas.

The initial review is at the orthopaedic consultant triage of the injury.

All patients will be provided with an evidence-based management plan specific to their particular injury.

This could include:

  1. Telephone call with a clinician to agree a management plan
  2. A face to face fracture clinic appointment
  3. Additional radiography to guide appropriate management

If a face to face appointment is required, patients will be offered a range of appropriate countywide clinic options.

If a patient needs additional support following discharge, they should contact the Trauma Clinic on 0300 422 5269 or by email at

Management post discharge could include referral to Physiotherapy, if that were beneficial to reduce long term complications and aid recovery.

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Referral to Fracture Clinic


Referral to Frature Clinic

Completion Date

November 2017

Reviewed and updated

March 2019

Annual review date

Feb 2020

Pathway Leads





Adele Jones

Senior Commissioning Manager

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group


Trauma and Orthopaedics General Manager

Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust


Mr William Mason

Trauma and Orthopaedics Fracture Service Lead

Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust

Please follow the resource link below to the referral form. Alongside referring the patient, also give the patient a copy of the Fracture Clinic information letter found here.

Trauma and Orthopaedic Department - GHNHSFT

The Trauma and Orthopaedic Department offers a full range of services for both adults and children including treating disorders of the body's bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

In addition to the numerous Consultant led clinics, specialised nurse and physiotherapy led clinics are also held and the plaster room provides a specialised service to patients requiring plaster casts, braces and splints.

Information leaflets are available for many of the conditions seen in the department.

For further information please follow the resource link below.

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