GP Patient Summary Record Request

In order to address recent Serious Case Reviews in Gloucestershire a new process has been implemented for community midwives to request and receive information for all new pregnancies to enable them to review relevant safeguarding / medical information held on GP systems.

The process is as follows:

1.Women book with midwife (consent to share information obtained)

2.Community midwife contacts Practice with completed Summary Record Request Form to request patient summary of health information

3.Midwife reviews summary, documents relevant information in woman’s record and responds according to information shared

4.Midwife shreds GP Practice summary 

Overview of ED management of bleeding and/or abdominal pain in early pregnancy

This flow diagram demonstrates the management of bleeding and/or abdominal pain in early pregnancy in the Emergency Department in accordance with local EPAU guidelines.

Please follow the resource link below to the Trust Guidelines developed to inform the reader of the processes to diagnose and manage patients who attend the early pregnancy clinic with pain or bleeding, or a history of a previous ectopic pregnancy.