Top tips in breast cancer
  1. Family History and Breast Cancer – to see if a woman has an increased risk of breast cancer check the latest NICE Guidelines and if she falls into the appropriate box a referral should be made direct to the GHFT Genetics Service.
  2. If a woman has been treated for breast cancer in Gloucestershire in the last 10 years she has direct access to the GHFT Breast Service via the Breast Care Nurses - 0300 422 6110.
  3. Itchy nipples with no visible changes is not concerning.
  4. Nipple discharge that is creamy/green/brown/yellow and multiduct is not worrying and probably due to duct ectasia.
  5. Long-term horizontal slit like nipple inversion is due to duct ectasia.
  6. Mastitis/breast infections not during pregnancy/breast feeding are best treated with metronidazole.
  7. Men with gynaecomastia need funding for a clinic appointment or surgery - see Clinical Commissioning Policies.
  8. Women with breast pain and no other symptoms/lump can be reassured.
2ww Patient Leaflet Ordering

If you would like to order copies of the GCCG 2WW Patient Leaflet, please email your request to or alternatively contact the Cancer Clinical Programmes Team via reception on 0300 421 1500.

Palliative Care - Top Tips - GHNHSFT

Please follow the resource link below to the End of Life section for GHNHSFT's top tips for palliative care.

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