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Policy Category Criteria Based Access (CBA)

IFR Datasheet

Commissioning decision

The CCG will provide funding for hip resurfacing in patients who meet the criteria defined within this policy.

Policy Statement:

Only funded for metal on metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty, in accordance with NICE TAG 44 and MHRA Medical Device Alert /2012/036.


Funded in line with NICE TAG 44 and MHRA Medical Device Alert /2012/036

Plain English Summary:

Hip resurfacing involves removing the upper surface of the femur (thigh bone) as well as the surface of the cavity in the pelvis in which the femur sits.

Both of these surfaces are then covered with a metal surfacing (metal-on-metal). This helps correct a damaged joint into a correct position. An advantage of hip resurfacing is that less bone is removed than in a hip replacement.

Hip resurfacing requires that a person has relatively strong bones so it is usually only suitable for younger adults and it may not be suitable for:

  • adults over the age of 65 years – bones tend to weaken as a person becomes older
  • women who have gone through the menopause – one of the side effects of the menopause is that the bones can become weakened and brittle (osteoporosis)

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) provide guidance on when this treatment is considered appropriate, and the CCG will fund treatment if it is in accordance with the guidance.

Evidence Base:


MHRA Medical Device Alert /2012/036.

For further information please contact GLCCG.IFR@nhs.net

Date of publication

12th October 2015

Policy review date

October 2017




MSK Clinical Programme Group

7th July 2015


7th July 2015

GP Membership (via CCG Live/What’s New This Week)

10th July – 7th August 2015

Has the consultation included patient representatives?

Yes (via CPG and ECCP membership)

Policy Sign Off

Reviewing Body

Date of review

Effective Clinical Commissioning Policy Group

3rd August 2015 (virtual)

Integrated Governance and Quality Committee

20th August 2015