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Policy Category Interventions Not Normally Funded (INNF)

IFR Datasheet

Commissioning decision

Sterilisation reversal is considered a low priority for funding and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Funding approval must be sought from the CCG via the Individual Funding Request process prior to treatment.

Policy Statement:

Not normally funded.


Sterilisation is provided under the NHS on the understanding that is an irreversible procedure. Patients are informed of this and written consent including this understanding is sought before the operation is carried out. The reversal of vasectomy or female sterilisation is therefore not routinely funded in Gloucestershire.

Plain English Summary:

Male and female sterilisation is provided on the NHS on the understanding that the NHS does not normally fund reversal at a later stage. In Gloucestershire sterilisation reversal is only funded in exceptional circumstances.

If your doctor believes you should be considered for sterilisation reversal your doctor will need to complete an Individual Funding Request application form to request funding from the CCG, and within this application will need to demonstrate why your circumstances are exceptional. The CCG will consider such applications on a case by case basis in order to determine whether or not the procedure would be funded on the NHS.

Please use the IFR Application Form.

For further information please contact GLCCG.IFR@nhs.net

Date of publication

December 2015

Policy review date

May 2022




Planned Care Programme Board

21st July 2015

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Effective Clinical Commissioning Policy Group

7th October 2015